Our Services

Bespoke Joinery

As specialist suppliers of all types of bespoke joinery, including architectural joinery, hardwood and softwood joinery and cabinetry...

Site Fitters

Traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques combine to give NJE Construction a reputation for very high class bespoke joinery.

Fire Precaution Works

NJE Construction fit 30/30 solid core half hour fire doors and fire door closures. We also fit Intumessent strip and re-new hinges (normally bearing hinges).

Hardwood and Softwood Doors

All our doors are made from the very highest quality of materials and expertly machined and crafted. Our wooden products combine natural beauty and warmth with functionality...

Inspection Panels

IPS duct panelling does more than just conceal pipework and services. It completes the washroom look and feel. The systems are particularly suited to hospital, school & commercial environments.

Anti-bacterial and Hospital Specification Units

With the emphasis on infection control at the heart of all NHS, NJE Construction have the capability to manufacture high quality joinery...

For further Information

Please feel free to email Dave at NJE Construction Ltd today, or telephone 01202 302367 for a free no obligation quotation.

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